Gravity Extend third party add-ons

Gravity Extend was launched September 1st 2017 out of personal need. Gravity Forms is a great formbuilder and a great addition to WordPress. That’s why there are numerous third party add-ons (or plugins) for Gravity Forms. However, these add-ons are scattered all over the internet which makes it hard to get an overview of the relevant add-ons for your situation.

Search Gravity Forms add-ons

Finding the right add-on can be a daunting task. There are many Gravity Forms add-ons on and GitHub, there are some on Envato and quite a number of add-ons can be found exclusively on commercial websites. If you can’t shed the feeling that somewhere on the internet this great solution for your problem exists…and that you’ve missed it in your search, you are not alone.

Add-on overviews

Although there are lists of third party Gravity Forms add-ons on the web, they are either uncategorized or lack a description of what they do. Not to mention that many entries on these lists are outdated and no longer maintained. These lists are of some help, but they’re far from perfect. Neither is this website perfect, but it aims to become the starting point in finding the right add-on for your Gravity Forms. Saving you time and effort and providing in your needs.

Gravity Extend

To our knowlegde, our database contains most of the Gravity Forms add-ons available on the web. We’re working to grow the database further in adding the few remaining add-ons known to us and keeping the database up-to-date. We estimate over 200 add-ons will be available through our search eventually. The work doesn’t stop there though, and you can help!

Submit an add-on

You can help making the Gravity Extend search tool better by submitting add-ons that are not yet in our database. If that’s the case, that add-on is probably not yet know to us. It’s a small task to submit an add-on. Add-on maintainers get full credit of their work on Gravity Extend, which is why we ask you to provide links to both the add-on and the author of the add-on.

Add-on rating

During the filling of the database a sifting was done by omitting add-ons that haven’t been maintained for over 4 years, or add-ons that require an unmaintained platform to function. This has been a mild selection, so there are probably still add-ons in the database that are next to useless. You can help improving the Gravity Forms ecosystem by rating (and reviewing) plug-ins that are familliar to you. Let other users know what you think!

Suggest an improvement

Lastly, it’s possible to improve add-on descriptions. Most of the current descriptions where pulled from the internet the way they were found. Some add-ons deserve a more detailed text. Others don’t describe the add-on at all and require a rewrite. That’s a lot of work, and you can help by suggesting improvements.

We hope to provide you with an awesome tool that makes your day-to-day work a little easier!

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