Most popular Gravity Forms add-ons 2017

It has been a short year for Gravity Extend because we launched in September 2017. So, o ur┬ásearch engine for Gravity Forms add-ons saw only the last quarter of the year. Nonetheless, we think it’s interesting to share what we saw during these four months.

Our website lets you go about finding the right Gravity Forms add-ons in various ways:

  • Stumble upon an add-on through Google
  • Browse our add-on categories
  • Search for add-ons within our site

Therefore, we’ll list the ten most popular add-on pages, the five most popular add-on categories and the ten most popular searches on Gravity Extend.

Most popular Gravity Forms add-ons

By far, most traffic reaches us through Google. We can’t see what searches lead to our site, but we can see what pages where visited. Most of them being add-on pages. The ten best visited pages are listed below:

1) Import Entries

Import Entries is a commercial add-on by Gravity View, which also produces a couple of other funcional add-ons. With Import Entries, you can create posts and form entries from a CSV. The add-on supports a wide range of field types to which you can map the CSV columns. Also, this add-on lets you create entries and posts, based on conditional settings.

2) Invisible Recaptcha

It makes total sense to have a Captcha on your forms. Invisible Recaptcha is a free add-on available from the plug-in repository. This add-on is not specific for Gravity Forms: it integrates the Google Invisible Recaptcha with Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce, amongst others.

3) Date and Time Picker

Somewhere during the last months of the year 2017 the WP Gurus website has gone offline, leaving a functionality gap yet to be filled. We list a couple of datepickers, but none of them seems to support time. Let us know if you are familiar with a great replacement for this add-on. The datepickers we know about are:

4) Image Choices

Jetslot has produced a visually stunning way to have your users choose images in Gravity Forms. Use various multi-option fields such as checkboxes or radio’s to provide image choices to you website visitors.

5) Address Autocomplete

This address autocompletion add-on yields the strength of the Google Places API to come up with address suggestions in Gravity Forms fields. By adding the functionality of this add-on to your Gravity Forms field, you can have your users autocomplete multiple address fields at once. Great when you’re doing e-commerce through Gravity Forms.

6) WP Mautic Form Integrator

Mautic is a marketing automation platform. The freely available form integrator links up Mautic with Gravity Forms. Just like Invisible ReCaptcha, this add-on is not specific to Gravity Forms. Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and Formidable Forms are also supported.

7) Integration for wpDataTables

This add-on integrates Gravity Forms and wpDataTables plugin, and enables you to create reports and other visualisations from your entries. If wpDataTables is not for you, have a look at Gravity View or the jQuery DataTable add-on.

8) Gravity Geolocation

Gravity Geolocation is similar to Address Autocomplete. Instead of using text however, this add-on lets users drop a pin on a map to find the right address to fill out your forms.

9) Schedule entries export

Since we’ve got the Import Entries as #1, this list was bound to feature an export tool: Schedule Entries Export can create scheduled CSV exports to file or mail.

10) GravityPress

This add-on integrates Gravity Forms with MemberPress. Users can subscribe to your MemberPress websites through Gravity Forms, even allowing you to manage subscriptions with the recurring payments functionality present in Gravity Forms.

Most popular add-on categories

As you would expect from the add-on list, amongst the categories we see an heightened interest for importing and exporting data. However, with the exception of the wpDataTables integration, no front-end add-ons are listed in our top ten add-on list. Therefore it is interesting to see both Front-end Entry and Styling present in the category list at places 1 and 2. In the middle of the list is the category security and form validation, which we saw embodied in the add-on list by Invisible ReCaptcha.

1) Front-end entry and Results display
2) Styling and Visual
3) Security and Validation
4) Import
5) Export

Most popular searches

With the searches, the picture of what our users are interested in becomes more and more apparent. Again, we see address and autocompletion. Again and interest for import and export. We see approve, captcha and conditional which can be linked to validation. And finally we see chart, which we saw earlier in the front-end categories. We’re sorry to say that we could not provide any results for avatar, but we hope to see many cool additions in 2018, so who knows..

1) autocomplete
2) import
3) search
4) address
5) approve
6) avatar (no results)
7) captcha
8) chart
9) conditional
10) csv

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