This plugin allows you to password protect form submission on a per-form basis. Set the field, password(s), and optional custom validation message in Form Settings.

You can either use a single password or a comma separated list of multiple passwords. It is possible to use the comma separated list together with the “No Repeats” option on the field itself to have multiple one-time use submission passwords, useful when handing them out as part of a contest / printed on receipts / etc.


This plugin let’s you define which backend users are allowed to access your forms. The plugin comes with a number of settings that allow you to define very specific access rights based on roles or users.

Illustration of the available settings


Yearly licenses vary in the number of allowed client sites:

  • Personal, 1 site ( $99 )
  • Professional, 3 sites ( $199 )
  • Agency, unlimited sites ( $299 )

This plugin lets you block form submission for specific email domains. You can create a list of email domains to block on the email field type. It is possible to define your own validation messages for when the form does not pass the validity check (thus, when a blocked email domain is submitted).


Switch field ID is form field option that let’s you change the ID of Gravity Forms fields. Edit the ID by selecting one of the available options from the pulldown option field. The switch field ID is part of GFengine.



The GFengine bundle is available under three plans that all include 1 year of updates and support:

  • Personal ( €15.99 for 1 site )
  • Professional ( €39.99 for 3 sites )
  • Premium ( €99.99 for 10 sites )

The above licenses include the following fields and utilities: Tooltips, Address Autocomplete, Range Slider, Signature Field, Multi Column Forms, Field ID Switcher, Button Field, Heading Field & Video Field.


This plugin allows you to track changes to your form as you make them, and restore previous versions.



This addon is available for $9.99 on the author website.



If you are looking to track entry changes, check out Entry Revisions.

Add new quotes and invoices to your Moneybird ( account with submissions from your Gravity Forms forms. Also integrates with WooCommerce, EDD, Help Scout and FrontApp.


This Add-on will help you to connect Gravity Forms with Google Cloud and if you have any printer connected with Google Cloud then it will automatically make a printout.


This add-on is available under three licenses:

  • Single Site ($59, yearly)
  • Up to 5 sites ($79, yearly)
  • Up to 15 sites ($149, yearly)


Create User & Auto login lets your members, visitors and users register on your website. This add-on has a premium version as well.

The Auto Login add-on lets you log in your users automatically after registration through Gravity Forms. Additionally, the add-on allows you to display a text confirmation, redirect to a WordPress page, or redirect to a URL.

Read Only lets you configure form fields to be set as read only. These fields will be visible but not editable. A use case might be a paragraph field containing your terms of service.