Better Raw HTML Form Importer will give you a list of all inputs displayed in a table with editable label, name and value.

This plugin adds silent duplicate detection to the popular Gravity Forms WordPress plugin.

This is an easy way to add a quick pre-submission confirmation page to your forms where users can preview the information entered in the form before they submit it.

An add-on for Gravity Forms which allows you to wrap form items in a div with a custom class for styling purposes. Supports conditional statements.


  • 28+ available perks (add-ons)
  • Wide range of functionalities
  • Forward compatibility

Gravity Perks allows you to install and manage enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms. This is not an add-on in itself, but a suite of add-ons. The available perks enhance various aspects of Gravity Forms.

There are 28+ perks (Gravity Wiz keeps adding new perks) available. Perks allow you to do things like create blacklists, make fields read-only, add conditional pricing, repeat forms, send emails, count words, limit datepicker dates, submit to media library, add conditional logic to dates, add terms of service fields, add eCommerce fields, etc.



Yearly licenses vary mainly in the number of perks and sites:

  • Basic, 1 site ( $49 )
  • Advanced, 3 sites ( $129 )
  • Pro, unlimited sites ( $259 )