This plugins allows you to to block specifig IP adresses from submitting the Gravity Forms on your website.


IP Block


This plugin allows you to password protect form submission on a per-form basis. Set the field, password(s), and optional custom validation message in Form Settings.

You can either use a single password or a comma separated list of multiple passwords. It is possible to use the comma separated list together with the “No Repeats” option on the field itself to have multiple one-time use submission passwords, useful when handing them out as part of a contest / printed on receipts / etc.


This plugin let’s you define which backend users are allowed to access your forms. The plugin comes with a number of settings that allow you to define very specific access rights based on roles or users.

Illustration of the available settings


Yearly licenses vary in the number of allowed client sites:

  • Personal, 1 site ( $99 )
  • Professional, 3 sites ( $199 )
  • Agency, unlimited sites ( $299 )


This plugin validates and filters non-existent email addresses and disposable email addresses.



Email validation failed

This plugin lets you block form submission for specific email domains. You can create a list of email domains to block on the email field type. It is possible to define your own validation messages for when the form does not pass the validity check (thus, when a blocked email domain is submitted).


Address Google Autocomplete allows users to address autocomplete both Address- and Single Line Text fields. The add-on will autocomplete remaining fields (such as Zip code, city, country etc.) automatically. There’s a demo available over at the codecanyon website.



This add-on is available for $11 (regular license) on codecayon.



Codecanyon (Envato Market) items can receive updates through the Envato Market Plugin for WordPress.



Other auto-completion alternatives might be Autocomplete, Auto Suggest or Address Autocomplete. For an up-to-date overview, check our search.





Gravity Forms Blacklist prevents form submissions from users, using spam data and competitor information. Site admins can create a list of keywords or email addresses. The list can be applied to Gravity Forms fields. If the submitted value matches a keyword then, the form will throw a validation error and block the visitor from submitting.

With this plugin you will be able to block ips from submitting form request that you created using Gravity Forms.

Access Manager lets super-admins set role permissions for viewing Gravity Forms entries. Additionally, this add-on lets you allow or deny specific users to access forms.

Anti-spam defense which prevents spam in your WordPress forms. This plug-in works with Gravity Forms and does not require visitor interaction for it do its work. The plugin works in the background.