This plugins allows you to to block specifig IP adresses from submitting the Gravity Forms on your website.


IP Block


This plugin allows you to use the WordPress default comment blacklist and restricted words (blacklist words) to active gravity forms. The plugin uses these lists to prevent spam submissions. You can select forms from the plugin setting page.


Comment Blacklist

This plugin lets you block form submission for specific email domains. You can create a list of email domains to block on the email field type. It is possible to define your own validation messages for when the form does not pass the validity check (thus, when a blocked email domain is submitted).


This plugin enables you to use WP Fail2ban in conjunction with Gravity Forms. Fail2ban prevents spam by utilizing the server log files. Basically, this plugin adds log entries for Gravity Forms spam submissions. WP Fail2ban is able to pick up and act on these entries. Be aware that the WP Fail2ban plugin comes as a free and premium version, of which the later is available from their noteworthy website.


This add-on add a signature field to Gravity Forms. The field enables you to have users submit their signature (or other drawing). The Signature Field is part of GFengine.



The GFengine bundle is available under three plans that all include 1 year of updates and support:

  • Personal ( €15.99 for 1 site )
  • Professional ( €39.99 for 3 sites )
  • Premium ( €99.99 for 10 sites )

The above licenses include the following fields and utilities: Tooltips, Address Autocomplete, Range Slider, Signature Field, Multi Column Forms, Field ID Switcher, Button Field, Heading Field & Video Field.

Custom Entry Limit extends Gravity Forms by adding options for custom limitations on the number of entries of a form.

Conditional Logic Dates adds the option to Gravity Forms to conditionally show or hide fields based on the selected date in a Datepicker Date field.

Word Count lets you set a limit on the number of words a user can submit. Supported fields are Single Line, Paragraph and Post Body fields. Both minimum and a maximum amounts are supported.

Add a Terms of Service field to Gravity Forms. This field includes HTML support, shortcode support and a scroll-to-bottom requirement.

Preview Submission lets you add a simple submission preview to your forms. The submission preview provides users with the opportunity to confirm the information they’ve entered is correct before submission.