Advanced Calculations


Create advanced calculations in gravity forms. You can build all kinds of calculators and order forms e.g price calculators, diet calculators.

This plugin supports conditional calculations an complex formula’s such as:

IF(A1 > 150,VAL10.25,VAL10.75)

The calculation engine is similar to Excel; most Excel commands are supported. You can use SUM(), AVERAGE(), PERCENTAGE() and hundreds of other Excel formulas.

It is also possible to calculate days, months, years and working days with date picker or field inputs.


Min/Max Calculations


This add-on allows your to use MIN() and MAX() functions in Gravity Forms number field calculations. Also see the online documentation.

Autofill List Row Count


Autofill List Row Count extends Gravity Forms by adding an option to autofill the rowcount of a list to another field (number, single product, or quantity) in your form.

Word Count

🎖️ This plugin is certified by Gravity Forms


Word Count lets you set a limit on the number of words a user can submit. Supported fields are Single Line, Paragraph and Post Body fields. Both minimum and a maximum amounts are supported.



  • Perform calculations on GF data
  • Use advanced calculations
  • Works with GravityView

Perform calculations based on all entries in a Gravity Forms form. Note: Gravity Forms collects tons of diverse data, so your use case may not match these examples: display the number of entries in a form, get the average of field values or reveal the highest field value.

Math is available through the All Access GravityView License, which includes GravityView, DIY Layout, Import Entries, Entry Revisions, Maps, Math and Inline Edit.




Adds exponent support for calculations in number fields.

List Field Calculations


A simple add-on to enable the use of List fields in calculations.



Count, filter and display total number of Gravity Forms entries or the total of a number field for multiple entries.