Email Validator


This plugin validates and filters non-existent email addresses and disposable email addresses.



Email validation failed

Connect EmailOctopus


This add-on allows you to integrate EmailOctopus with Gravity Forms. Automatically add subscribers to your EmailOctopus feeds lists.



Send Gravity Form entries into Mailchimp lists. You control what is sent, and when it is sent to get all the data you need. Connect Mailchimp account to Gravity Forms by entering Mailchimp API key. It is possible to map Gravity Forms Entry fields to any Mailchimp List fields and you can set member status, language and email type.



Create Vision6 feeds from Gravity Forms. Capture website visitor data from newsletter subscription-, enquiry-, survey- or feedback forms to grow your lists.

Features include:

  • Choose the fields that will be sent to Vision6
  • Conditionally allow contacts to be redirected to Vision6, based on your Gravity Forms fields.
  • Publish Vision6 forms on your WordPress site
  • Manage your forms with WordPress widgets
  • Sync contact information in real time with your Vision6 account

Delayed Notifications


Delayed Notifications allows you to delay the sending of any of your Gravity Form’s email notifications by setting a delay period of any time and for any length.



This add-on lets you integrate the Klaviyo email service with Gravity Forms.

Connector MailerLite


This add-on integrates Gravity Forms with MailerLite. You connect your forms with MailerLite using your MailerLite API key.

Email Reminder


This Gravity Forms add-on provides customers with the possibility to set timely email reminders for important dates.

Mailchimp Integration


Let your users and visitors subscribe to your Mailchimp mailinglists. Integration can be achieved from any form.

QR Code


Generate QR Codes of entry field data and attach the generated QR code to confirmation and notification emails.