Gravity Forms PGP Mail is an encryption add-on that allows you to receive encrypted email notifications from your users. Your users do not need any specific setup. The author of this add-on has also published a PGP keypair generator.



Gravity Forms Sendy Addon lets you subscribe users using gravity forms. Create unlimited number of subscribe forms and begin growing your mailing lists.



Integrates Gravity Forms with ConvertKit allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to your ConvertKit account.

Uploads as Attachments


This plugin adds an option to notifications to add files uploaded to fileupload fields as attachment to that specific notification

Drip Email Campaigns


Integrates Gravity Forms with personalized Email Marketing tool Drip.

Constant Contact


Integrate the Constant Contact email service and Gravity Forms.



Integrate your Gravity Forms forms so that when users submit a form entry, the entries get added to SendinBlue. Link any field type including custom fields.

Gravity Perks

🎖️ This plugin is certified by Gravity Forms


  • 28+ available perks (add-ons)
  • Wide range of functionalities
  • Forward compatibility

Gravity Perks allows you to install and manage enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms. This is not an add-on in itself, but a suite of add-ons. The available perks enhance various aspects of Gravity Forms.

There are 28+ perks (Gravity Wiz keeps adding new perks) available. Perks allow you to do things like create blacklists, make fields read-only, add conditional pricing, repeat forms, send emails, count words, limit datepicker dates, submit to media library, add conditional logic to dates, add terms of service fields, add eCommerce fields, etc.