GDPR Proof


This add-on adds IP anonymization and entry deletion to Gravity Forms. There are no settings, this add-on works in the background: the add-on disables IP address saving, no visitor IP addresses are saved. Also, this add-on deletes entries immediately after the form submission. No entries will be stored in the WordPress database. Submitted data can be sent by email or can be integrated with third party services, like CRM solutions.

Data Purge


Data Purge adds a setting to the Gravity Forms menu called “Purge Data”. Under this option you set the number of days you would like to retain Gravity Forms entries for, for all forms on your site. This add-on might be useful to help you to comply with the European GDPR regulations.

Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries


Help your websites comply with the GDPR and general privacy – selectively stops individual Gravity Forms entries being stored so potentially sensitive data is not stored on your web server.

Encrypted Fields


This add-on gives you data security and data privacy. Encrypt your entries at database level by adding encrypted fields (single line, paragraph, etc.) to your forms. Additionally, back end users can be prevented from accessing entries through the admin panel, based on their role. There is a really thorough description of this add-on on their codecanyon page.

The add-on can be used to help meet GDPR requirements.




This encryption add-on was was published years ago as a GitHub gist, but might be a nice starting point if you need encrypted data storage. The add-on encrypts all Gravity Forms data on the way into the database using openssl public encryption. Data can only be decrypted with the associated private key.