Rcwd Sendinblue for Gravity Forms


Connect with a Sendinblue account and register the user to your mailing list after a form is submitted.

  • Add multiple feeds and manage them with conditional logic;
  • Map your Sendinblue fields with any field of your form;
  • Double Opt-In field, with template selection and redirection type (works with Sendinblue premium plans);
  • Latest subscriptions logs with export in csv.

Cashfree Gateway


Accept payments through Gravity Forms. Cashfree offers payment methods (in India) via a single integration. Integrations include Pay Later, PayTM and Cardless EMI. The plugin allows for subscription payments.

BeanStream Payment Gateway


BeanStream Payment Gateway provides a way for small business to accept credit cards.

This WordPress plugin allows Gravity Forms to accept credit card payments on your site through your BeanStream Merchant Account.

This Gateway Implementation supports Normal Payments exclusively. The plugin does not support Recurring / Subscription Payments. In addition, this plugin requires a valid SSL certificate to be installed for your domain.

PayFlexi Installments Payment


The PayFlexi installments payment plans add-on for Gravity Forms is a payment option that lets your customers to spread the amount of payment into several installments.

Supported payment service providers are:

Moneris Payments


Moneris Payments for Gravity Forms allows you to implement credit card payments on your website. With the Gravity Forms Moneris Payments Add-On you can capture one time credit card payments or setup recurring payment subscriptions.

Address Autocomplete

🎖️ This plugin is certified by Gravity Forms


This plugin integrates the Google Places Autocomplete API with Gravity Forms Address fields. You only need to provide an API key and enable one setting.



This plugin adds the following features:

  • Manage Form Entries
  • Permissions
  • Round Robin Leads
  • Facebook Pixel Events

The options added by this plugin appear inside the form settings.

Manage Form Entries

Gravity Forms saves each entry to the database. This ‘tweak’ allows you to disable automatic storage of entries. Choose to disable storage of entries for all forms or set specific forms that should not save (sensitive) entries. This tweak does not disable email notifications and confirmations.

Form Permissions

By default, forms and view entries can be built by administrator users exclusively. This tweak allows you to enable certain Gravity Forms features for user roles other than the administrator.

It is possible to create a specific role called Form Manager. This user role cannot control pages and posts etc. Users with this role can only interact with forms and are limited to the features assigned to the role.

Round Robin Leads

This tweak evenly distributes inquiries (form submit notifications) to members in your team. Enter the email addresses of the team members and choose to enable round robin sending.

Facebook Pixel Events

This tweak allows you to set a Facebook Pixel event on form completion.

Heartland Secure Submit


Integrate with the Heartland Payment Systems Gateway, securing credit card data using Heartland’s SecureSubmit.

Worldpay Payment Gateway


Integrate the WorldPay Payment Gateway into your forms and accept one-time payments and process refunds for selling simple products and services. The WorldPay Payment Gateway allows you to collect credit card payments.

Divi Module


This Divi module assists in styling your forms. ThThe plugin has full front end support for the Divi’s visual builder and removes the need voor CSS edits.