jQuery Validation


Add instant jWuery validation to your gravity forms. Make it easier for your visitors to submit your form.

Also, this plugin provides additional validation rules like US phone number, US phone, UK Phone, BIC and many more. In addition, the plugin has custom code validation, regex validation and email verification with 4 error message theme.



WP reCAPTCHA is a generic WordPress plugin with support beyond Gravity Forms. This plugin implements all versions of reCAPTCHA:

  • Version 3
  • Version 2 (checkbox)
  • Version 2 (invisible)

The plugin works without adding an extra field type, it just adds the challenge to the selected forms.


This is an admin demo:
Username: demo
Password: demo
For front end demo's navigate to:



This hCaptcha plugin is a drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA, but could earn you money while helping companies label their data and at the same time blocking bots and other forms of abuse.


International Phone Field Input Masking


Ensure users enter correctly formatted phone numbers. Automatically apply the correct input masking to the phone field based on the selected country.

You can set an initial country selection (for formatting) by specifying the country code or you can configure the countries that you want to display in a dropdown.

It is possible to choose one phone number format that will be stored to the database.


Password Protected Forms


This plugin allows you to password protect form submission on a per-form basis. Set the field, password(s), and optional custom validation message in Form Settings.

You can either use a single password or a comma separated list of multiple passwords. It is possible to use the comma separated list together with the “No Repeats” option on the field itself to have multiple one-time use submission passwords, useful when handing them out as part of a contest / printed on receipts / etc.

Advanced Permissions

🎖️ This plugin is certified by Gravity Forms


This plugin let’s you define which backend users are allowed to access your forms. The plugin comes with a number of settings that allow you to define very specific access rights based on roles or users.


Illustration of the available settings

Email Validator


This plugin validates and filters non-existent email addresses and disposable email addresses.



Email validation failed

Block Email Domains


This plugin lets you block form submission for specific email domains. You can create a list of email domains to block on the email field type. It is possible to define your own validation messages for when the form does not pass the validity check (thus, when a blocked email domain is submitted).

WP Fail2ban for Gravity Forms


This plugin enables you to use WP Fail2ban in conjunction with Gravity Forms. Fail2ban prevents spam by utilizing the server log files. Basically, this plugin adds log entries for Gravity Forms spam submissions. WP Fail2ban is able to pick up and act on these entries. Be aware that the WP Fail2ban plugin comes as a free and premium version, of which the later is available from their noteworthy website.

Address Google Autocomplete


Address Google Autocomplete allows users to address autocomplete both Address- and Single Line Text fields. The add-on will autocomplete remaining fields (such as Zip code, city, country etc.) automatically.


Other auto-completion alternatives might be Autocomplete, Auto Suggest or Address Autocomplete. For an up-to-date overview, check our search.