Clone Entry


With this plugin you can duplicate/clone entries: go to the ‘Entries’ tab and hover over items. Click on “Clone” link to copy the entry.

Group Fields


Group form fields using fieldset, accordion or a simple div wrapper. Groups can be nested (i.e. fields can be wrapped using a fieldset and then wrapped again with an accordion). You can change the background color, border and other more.

If you require conditional logic to hide/show groups, use the default Section field and add it before the start of the group. This allows you to hide/show the group fields depending on the conditional logic configured for the Section field.


Gravity Forms Utility


  • Show page a form is embedded on
  • Show the feeds that are connected to a form
  • Prevent entry creation
  • Toggle all fields to be required (or not)
  • Redact (prevent data from being stored in the database)
  • Hide User-Submitted Form
  • Send Notification when Entry Updated
  • Process Feed when Entry Updated
  • Manually Process an Add-On Feed

Download requires registration.



This plugin is an integration between the WPCasa real estate plugin and Gravity Forms. The main idea is to submit real estate information about a specific listing along with user input. After initial installation, the plugin creates an example form with the required fields. The form comes with a few hidden fields which are used to send the property listing details of the property page displaying the contact form. The title, URL and listing ID are added to the email by default. The generated email is sent to the author/agent of the corresponding listing.


WPCasa Example Form

Multiple Instances


When multiple Gravity Forms, with AJAX enabled, are on the same page you’ll see issues with form submissions, error notifications, etc. This plugin addresses these issues by allowing multiple forms to be displayed on the same page.



FormSync resolves manual form migrations by Git-ifying and syncing your forms across local, staging, and production environments. Update your forms locally, push JSON files to git repo, and synchronize.

PDF, Excel & CSV


This plugin facilitates administrators to generate PDF’s, Excel and CSV files based on submitted form data. The generated files may be downloaded or sent by e-mail. The plugin supports all fields available in Gravity Forms and comes with some interesting options, such as: password security, right-to-left (RTL) support, various paper sizes and landscape/portrait orientation.

PDF Customization

It is possible to set custom PDF headers and footers through the WordPress editor (CSS and HTML). For the document background, it is possible to set a custom watermark image, text and custom background color or image. The watermark image can be positioned in the document.

Confirmation Page List


This add-on creates an overview of which Confirmation Pages are used in your forms.

Version Control


This plugin allows you to track changes to your form as you make them, and restore previous versions.

Connect EmailOctopus


This add-on allows you to integrate EmailOctopus with Gravity Forms. Automatically add subscribers to your EmailOctopus feeds lists.