Introduction Form input is prone to errors by your users. You should try to avoid the possibility for these errors to occur, by giving users choices instead of text input fields. Gravity Forms helps you out in certain cases by offering a number of predefined lists like continents, countries, states, etc. However, sometimes you’ll need […]

Intro I’ve wanted to try out this JetSloth add-on for quite some time and I finally came around to it! Bulk Add Fields is one of four add-ons JetSloth has on offer. This add-on is meant to make it easier to add (and arrange) multiple fields to a form at once. Lets dive right in. […]

It has been a short year for Gravity Extend because we launched in September 2017. So, o ur search engine for Gravity Forms add-ons saw only the last quarter of the year. Nonetheless, we think it’s interesting to share what we saw during these four months. Our website lets you go about finding the right Gravity […]

If you’ve never worked with Payment Gateways before, some of the terminology might sound a bit abstract. In this post we’ll go over how to implement a Gravity Forms form with a payment option, and how to integrate your payment service provider. When to use? If you have a lot of products you want to […]

Gravity Extend was launched September 1st 2017 out of personal need. Gravity Forms is a great formbuilder and a great addition to WordPress. That’s why there are numerous third party add-ons (or plugins) for Gravity Forms. However, these add-ons are scattered all over the internet which makes it hard to get an overview of the […]