JetSloth Bulk Add Fields


I’ve wanted to try out this JetSloth add-on for quite some time and I finally came around to it! Bulk Add Fields is one of four add-ons JetSloth has on offer. This add-on is meant to make it easier to add (and arrange) multiple fields to a form at once. Lets dive right in.


After the standard plugin installation procedure (upload & activate), you’ll see the add-on has its own settings. The settings can be found through Plugins > Gravity Forms Bulk Add Fields > Settings or through the Gravity Forms settings tab ‘Bulk Add Fields‘. From this page you have two options:

  • Add your license key
  • Uninstall Bulk Add Fields
Bulk Add Fields Settings

The settings screen mentions that it’ll remove ALL settings, but from this message it’s not clear whether this includes fields that were added in bulk. I actually tried this and, as you might have suspected, only your settings (the licence key) are removed, not the bulk-added fields. Once you enter your license key (which you get during the purchase process), the addon checks to see if the key is valid. If so, you’re set to go.

Building a form

Start with creating a new form. On your upper right will be a bright blue button that says ‘Bulk Add Fields‘. Clear enough, lets. After clicking the Add Fields button, you are presented with a modal that contains the familiar field categories, which you’ll recognize from Gravity Forms itself. All default categories and fields are available. Just click on a field and it is added to your bulk list. Hit the ‘Add Selected Fields‘ button and the fields are added to your form while you wait for the throbber. Adding fields to the bulk list is super fast. Adding the fields to the actual form is much slower however. A nice touch is that the add-on reminds you to save your form after bulk adding new fields.

In the modal screen I had to fiddle around a bit to figure out how to rename the selected fields before adding them to the form. A double-click on a field does the trick: the field is marked blue, indicating it is ready for a new name.

Bulk Add Fields - Rename

From the modal it is very easy to rearrange fields before they are added to your form. This is what it’s all about. Rearranging works much better than in the default Gravity Forms screen, especially with longer forms. Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit field settings from the bulk editor. Personally I would’ve liked to be able to rearrange form fields through the bulk editor after adding them to the form as well. Rearranging fields in vanilla Gravity Forms, especially long forms, is just horrible. Bulk Add Fields does this far better.


I like the addon. But I’m not sure if I’d buy it for my day-to-day work. The add-on is great if you work with large forms regularly, which I don’t. Also, you’ll need to think hard about your form beforehand if you want to use this plugin: rearranging fields is only available before you add fields to your form. After adding the fields, you’ll have to use the default Gravity Forms functionality. Which is not great, but it does the job. For $34 (one year support and updates), in my opinion, it’s a bit pricey for occasional use. Should you consider buying this add-on; be aware JetSloth also sells their add-ons as a bundle which saves you $37. Both the add-on and the bunde can be renewed at a 25% discount.