This is a repeater add-on: it lets you create forms within forms (nested forms). It also allows you to create repeat fields; there’s a nice “add members to your team” demo on the Gravity Wiz website.

The add-on creates a new, ‘nested form’ field type to Gravity Forms. The nested field type allows you select another form that will be used to collect “child” entries. These entries will be attached to the “parent” entry on submission. The child entries display in a table on the parent form. There, they can be viewed, edited or deleted.

There is much more to this add-on than what’s described here, such as feed processing, calculations and templating. Visit the add-on website for more information.



This add-on is one of the 28+ Gravity Wiz ‘perks’ (also see Gravity Perks). Yearly licenses vary mainly in the number of perks and sites:

  • Basic, 1 site ( $49 )
  • Advanced, 3 sites ( $129 )
  • Pro, unlimited sites ( $259 )