GoUrl Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway


GoUrl.io Payment Gateway lets you accept cryptocurrency payments through Gravity Forms. GoUrl.io supports 13 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin.

Here’s a list of what the plugin provides out of the box with the help of core GoUrl.io plugin:

  • Open Source: 100% free Open Source plugin on Bitbucket.
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Processing: Securely process crypto coins without redirecting your customers to the gateway website. No need to worry about chargebacks.
  • Multiple Coin Support: Supports payments in Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Reddcoin, Potcoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, and MonetaryUnit.
  • Easy Withdrawals: Get crypto payments straight to your bitcoin/altcoin wallet addresses. Use your exchange wallet address for withdrawals and convert to fiat.
  • Conditional Payments: Supports conditional statements in Gravity Forms.
  • Paid Posts: Optionally lets you charge for posts by letting you publish them in Gravity Forms only after the payment is complete.
  • Logging: Enable logging so you can debug issues that arise if any.