Import Entries


  • Import CSV of GF export files
  • Conditional filtering
  • Advanced validation

Mass import entries into Gravity Forms. With this plug-in by Gravity View you can bulk import data from a CSV file. CSV (comma separated value) files are text files that can be created manually or by exporting your data from Excel. The add-on let’s you map the CSV data columns to Gravity Forms’ fields. This mapped data can then be imported to create new Gravity Forms entries.

In addition to creating new entries, Import Entries can update existing entries from a CSV file.

For debugging purposes, this add-on can create you a (CSV) download of rows that produced an error during import.

Be aware of the All Access GravityView License ( $349 ), which includes this add-on, but also GravityView, DIY Layout, Maps, Entry Revisions, Math and Inline Edit.